NFDI4DS Lecture 4

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Our NFDI4DS Lecture Series continues with Lecture 4 at 28. Nov 2023 9:00 online

Software ate the world - and Open Source is eating software!

“Software is eating the world” [1] - The famous quote and article by Marc Andreesen, founder of Netscape, is now 12 years old and it is fair to say: He was right, software is the driver of modern economy and pervasive throughout all industries. Taking it one step further, we argue that while software has eaten the world, open source is eating software. Open source makes up 80% - 90% of applications and if we think about it, it is clear that the modern IT industry would not be where it is today without open source. Just to name one example, the internet as we know it is based on open source technology. This lecture will give an introduction to open source and will try to investigate how open source can be applied successfully - in industry and research alike. We will cover aspects such as licenses, governance, best practices, success stories and the role of open source foundations. Last but not least we will have a look at how we can increase the impact of research projects with open source. [1]

Speaker: Marco Jahn

Marco Jahn is Senior Research Project Manager at the Eclipse Foundation. He obtained his diploma in computer science from Ulm University in 2006 and his PhD from RWTH Aachen in 2016. He worked as software developer at denkwerk GmbH before moving to Fraunhofer FIT in 2009. There he has been working as researcher and (technical) project manager in various European research projects in the areas of IoT and Smart Cities and was leading the IoT Platforms team. He joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2019 to help turning innovations into successful open source projects.