The vision of NFDI4DataScience (NFDI4DS) is to support all steps of the complex and interdisciplinary research data lifecycle, including collecting/creating, processing, analyzing, publishing, archiving, and reusing resources in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The past years have seen a paradigm shift, with computational methods increasingly relying on data-driven and often deep learning-based approaches, leading to the establishment and ubiquity of Data Science as a discipline driven by advances in the field of Computer Science. Transparency, reproducibility and fairness have become crucial challenges for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence due to the complexity of contemporary Data Science methods, often relying on a combination of code, models and data used for training. NFDI4DS will promote fair and open research data infrastructures supporting all involved resources such as code, models, data, or publications through an integrated approach.

The overarching objective of NFDI4DS is the development, establishment, and sustainment of a national research data infrastructure for the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community in Germany. This will also deliver benefits for a wider community requiring data analytics solutions, within the NFDI and beyond. The key idea is to work towards increasing the transparency, reproducibility and fairness of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence projects, by making all digital artifacts available, interlinking them, and offering innovative tools and services. Based on the reuse of these digital objects, this enables new and innovative research.

NFDI4DS intends to represent the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community in academia, which is an interdisciplinary field rooted in Computer Science. We aim to reuse existing solutions and to collaborate closely with the other NFDI consortia and beyond. In the initial phase, NFDI4DS will focus on four Data Science intense application areas: language technology, biomedical sciences, information sciences and social sciences. The expertise available in NFDI4DS ensures that metadata standards are interoperable across domains and that new ways of dealing with digital objects arise.


Are you a Data Scientist? Are you concerned with the sometimes disparate impact of your work? Are you feeling lost in the jungle of numerous legal provisions? Then you can help us by describing the specific ethical, legal and social challenges you have faced in any of your projects. An interview will take about 60 minutes and will be conducted online. Help us shape the future! We are gathering requirements via interviews you can participate in.
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Our annual NFDI4DS consortium meeting will take place on December 15th and December 16th in Berlin.
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On November 7th, we were hosting our second NFDI Science Slam. This time, our focus is on Data Science and AI. The event took place in the context of the Berlin Science Week. Further information about the event can be found here: The slam can be watched on YouTube:
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In the next few years, Base4NFDI plans to develop several basic services for the NFDI. With Sonja Schimmler as a Co-Spokesperson, NFDI4DS is part of Base4NFDI. On September 1st and 2nd, the team of Base4NFDI met for the first time.
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Our new website is finally up and running!
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