Personas developed

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To not think about our community as an abstract monolith, but of a heterogeneous group of people with different skill sets and requirements, we developed personas - fictional individuals - with their distinct wants and needs.

In total we determined six personas for our core stakeholder groups. We align these personas with our services to ensure that we can offer added value to these fictional people and also for our services to keep in mind. For these fictional people we develop pathways of how they can navigate our website and services. We keep these people’s needs in mind when designing and optimizing services. Moreover, these personas are not only used for development. We also create marketing material such as videos tailored to their use cases.

We have a set of secondary stakeholders as well, including e.g. journalists or users who use our services as a back-end to their own product. Though we still provide events and services for them, they do not get as much of a developed pathway through the website as the others.

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