AI Ethics Video Series

AI Ethics Video Series

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Conversations on AI Ethics Video Series

NFDI4DS develops training materials and organizes events that target processes and methods in data science and AI.

As part of this, a video series about ethical aspects in AI was produced. For this purpose, a curriculum was developed and a questionnaire was created for the series. Each episode features a specific aspect, interviewing well-known experts in the field. The target group are practitioners from the data science and AI community.

The ten episodes of the video series “Conversations on AI Ethics” are available on YouTube and at the TIB AV Portal:

Our experts

  • Jaana Müller-Brehm is a sociologist at the iRights.Lab think tank. She researches the societal impact of AI in the project “Center for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence”.
  • Prof. Dr. Judith Simon is a professor of ethics in information technology at the University of Hamburg. She is an expert for ethical and political issues around AI.
  • Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo is a professor for data science at the University of Paderborn. He is an expert in machine learning and methods of explainability.
  • Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe is a professor of law and finance at the University of Hamburg. He is an expert for AI regulation and its economic consequences.
  • Greg Rutkowski is a freelance Illustrator amd concept artist. He is one of the most prompted artists with Stable Diffusion & Co. and an advocate against AI-generated art.

Overview of all episodes


Special Episode: Getting to know the experts

Check out this special episode to get to know the experts we had the pleasure of interviewing.

Episode 1: What is trustworthy AI?

In our first episode Judith Simon and Jaana Müller-Brehm explain to us what trustworthy AI actually is and why it is so important.

Episode 2: Are AI models value-neutral?

Judith Simon and Jaana Müller-Brehm dive into the question: Are AI models value-neutral? Discover how values shape AI models and the impact it has on all of us!

Episode 3: Generative AI, intellectual properties and the arts

In this episode we are chatting with Greg Rutkowski about the impact of AI-generated art on the visual arts and the livelihood of artists.

Episode 4: What is explainable AI?

Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo and Jaana Müller-Brehm discuss the topic “explainable AI". What is meant with “explainability” and why is it important?

Episode 5: Can explainability improve trustworthiness in AI?

Join Prof. Dr. Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe, and Prof. Dr. Judith Simon as they explore the link between “explainability” and “trustworthiness” in AI. Does explainability lead to greater trust?

Episode 6: What is algorithmic bias?

Explore the topic of algorithmic bias with Prof. Dr. Judith Simon. What causes this bias, and how does it affect us? Tune in for a deep dive into the ethics of AI!

Episode 7: What is the EU AI Act?

Interested in the upcoming EU AI Act? Watch Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe and Jaana Müller-Brehm as they break down its principles and what it means for AI regulation. Understand its foundational principles and impact on AI.

Episode 8: Discussing the EU AI Act

The discussion on the EU AI Act continues with Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe and Jaana Müller-Brehm. Together they talk about its industry impact, solutions it offers, and its limitations.

Episode 9: AI and Human Agency

In this episode we talk about AI risk with Prof. Dr. Judith Simon. She explains the main risks AI poses to human agency and outlines the German Ethics Council’s strategies to mitigate these negative effects.

Episode 10: Can we be optimistic about our future with AI?

In the final episode of “Conversations on AI Ethics”, we ask our experts an important question: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our future with AI? While many are excited about the possibilities, they also stress the importance of addressing ethical concerns with serious preventative measures and regulations.