LLMs4OL Challenge

LLMs4OL Challenge

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NFDI4DS partners organize a challenge co-located with ISWC2024.

The Semantic Web aims to enrich the current web with structured knowledge and metadata for enhanced interoperability and understanding across systems. Central to this endeavor is Ontology Learning (OL), which automates the extraction of this structured knowledge from unstructured data, crucial for building dynamic ontologies foundational to the Semantic Web. The advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) has introduced a promising approach to OL, leveraging their deep linguistic understanding and pattern inference capabilities to automate OL.

This challenge aims to align with the Semantic Web community’s goals of making the web more intelligent and user-friendly, offering a novel avenue for exploring the intersection of LLMs and OL. Participation in this challenge will contribute to evolving the Semantic Web, enabling more sophisticated services that utilize structured knowledge effectively.

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