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NFDI4DS regularly organizes interactive events, such as hackathons and shared tasks, that attract the data science and AI community.

Hackathons provide a framework for scientifically exciting and challenging tasks for the NFDI4DS community.

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NFDI4DS Mini hackathons at ZB Med 2023

NFDI4DS was hosting a series of mini hackathons at ZB Med. In these mini hackathons, NFDI4DS researchers teamed up with national and international experts.

The participants of the mini hackathons worked together on three topics:

  • FAIRification Game for Software
  • Metadata for Machine Learning
  • Machine-actionable Software Management Plans

Results are available on Zenodo:

The hackathon format brought together a small team with complementary tools, standards, and expertise, who until then operated in isolation of each other. We experienced the hackathon as a useful way to bootstrap a collaboration, as it focused our initial efforts on delivering a concrete product in a short time frame.