SDS Workshop

SDS Workshop

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NFDI4DS and partners host a variety of workshops co-located with Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC)

The Second International Workshop on Semantics in Dataspaces (SDS 2024)

Dataspaces, which are critical to seamless and trusted data sharing, have gained prominence in Europe with the European Data Governance Act (DGA). This legislation defines terms and aims to increase trust, expand data availability, and promote common dataspaces. The impact spans sectors such as data providers, researchers, businesses, and citizens. Initiatives like the European Open Science Cloud and the adoption of the FAIR Data Principles further contribute to the relevance of dataspaces. Efficient data sharing within dataspaces requires semantic interoperability, for which the Semantic Web community has a long history of developing RDF-based solutions.

The Semantic Web Dataspaces (SDS) 2024 workshop seeks to advance semantic methods and solutions for dataspaces by encouraging collaboration between researchers and practitioners. It aims to advance the expressiveness, standardization, and integration of semantic technologies in dataspace architectures. The workshop promises interactive sessions, presentations, and discussions to drive advances in semantics for dataspaces.

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